Seasoned Cheese, Salami & Condoms

I had a bit of a talk with a librarian yesterday, and we came upon the interesting subject of things left by people in books they return to the library.

  • Back from holiday: picture postcards (Sunny greetings from Auntie! Warm greetings from Freddy! Hot greetings from Innanja!!). Sand. Sun cream. Hair. City maps. Entrance tickets. Sun glasses.
  • Letters. Unopened letters. Children’s letters to Santa
  • Seasoned cheese (found in Cheese by Willem Elsschot). Salami. Pictures (landscapes; family in Eurodisney; girl on pony; girl on toilet). Shopping lists, bank statements, dog’s vaccination
  • Dried flowers, knife with jam, contact lenses. Beermats, Aspirin (not necessarily together). Prescription for an anti-psychotic, tucked into a Van Gogh book.
  • Dog’s hair in book about education for dogs (plus dog’s smell)
  • Book about dogs, thoroughly destructed by dog’s teeth (dog didn’t like the book)
  • Money. Porn. Stamps. Restaurant bills. Invitations. Tea bags (used). Condoms (used). Toilet paper (…)

Here’s a great collection of Forgotten Bookmarks by a used bookseller. And our lovely Büchereien Wien has some stories to tell 🙂

To be continued!



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