Want to See :: … Et mourir de plaisir (1960)

Mon dieu, a lesbian vampire movie directed by Roger Vadim *happysigh*

The title says it all: Et mourir de plaisir (1960) 😀 (blandly translated into Blood and Roses). Based on my beloved Carmilla. Starring: Mel Ferrer, Elsa Martinelli and Annette Vadim (did al those ‘60s sexploitation directors marry their star actresses??!?!) and René-Jean Chauffard, music by Jean Prodromidès and cinematography by Claude Renoir.

The locale was shifted from 19th century Styria to 20th century Italy. Young Carmilla is jealous of her friend’s engagement to Leopoldo, her beloved cousin. Her obsession leads her to the tomb of a female vampire. The vampire possesses her to kill and terrorize the inhabitants of the estate. But is it all in her mind, or is she really under the control of an ancient vampire ancestor?

Not exactly faithful to the original story, perhaps?

French film poster for Et mourir de plaisir (1960)


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