Early Monday Morning Delights: That’s how you know you’re really getting old …

It’s a piece of nostalgia cashing in on something I was too old for first time around

Charlie Brooker on the Guardian’s Comment is Free

So, first coffee of the week and already wrestling with age-&-identity questions: what does it mean — at my age *rollingeyes* — to get all of a sudden interested in Dracula, Graffiti, (s)exploitation movies, and Lord Byron for creeps’ sake?

Reverse reverse regression? Being twenty years ahead and already in my dotage?


Reality check?


Reality TV is like Facebook in real time?!?? Television is even more real time than FB?!?? The mind boggles.

But then I seem to think that Facebook is just as real (or unreal, come to that) as this weird layer of reality that people adults call the real world. I’m so out of touch with those fellow have-the-t-shirt-adults it’s spooky.



Can I go back playing with Dracula now, please?


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